The Five Questions with GI

1) today i went to the gym and did a zumba class, then ate and watched some episodes of NCIS. i’m about to shower and then maybe go to starbucks and read. tonight i’m going to the cape.
2) i recently spent five weeks on a group trip to france. more than missing the country or what we were doing there, i miss waking up with 22 other people in one house (though i don’t miss having a roomate). i kind of wish i was with more people today.
3) i hope to see myself in love again in a year, and with a clearer idea of what i want to be doing. i hope to have a job, or at least an inkling of one.
4) my greatest weakness is also my greatest strength, which is that i think i am right the overwhelming majority of the time. this let’s me do what i do, but it gets in the way. i also suck at feeling lonely.
5) less sum over a series of time. i have a spending problem…

Mailman, our day begins

Dear Mailman,

You missed me! I said good morning, and you said GOOD MORNING back to me! I said thank you, and you said “welcome”. I’m on to something here. You didn’t even look (so) mad!

Oh I have two more tries to get this done today. I think today is my lucky day. Let’s just hope you don’t notice that I am writing this while you come to pick up the intercampus mail. That would get awkward.

Bananers, chocolate and peanutbuttery goodness (my breakfast),


The Five with Questions with BL

1. It’s 4am and I just got home from work at the bar. So I’m not sure
what day you mean. Let’s do this coming day. I will hopefully go to be
in an hour or so, sleep for a few, wake up and doing some puttying
work in our bathroom which we just de-wallpapered, maybe even fit in
some laundry, then head to work (at a bar) around 7, where i will lug
15 gallon buckets of ice and cases of beer up 2 flights of stairs for
a few hours. And hang out with the gays.
2. Going to the beach I suppose. Getting a massage would be nice.
Really any type of vacation, especially one that was also a vacation
from worrying about money and my current state of affairs. Or lack
3. In the Marines or the Army. But actually.
4. If I am busy, I am a very hard worker. But if I have spaces where I
have nothing to do, I get bored and zone out and get sloppy. You gotta
keep me occupied. My other weakness is easy eyes (i.e. everything
makes me cry. literally everything. happy, sad, all across the board).
And I have a lot of feelings. Was that too much information? Just tell
me when to stop…
5. In a fit of optimism, I’ll say lump sum and invest. But I’d
probably get the lump sum, invest $50, and spend the rest on sneakers.
I guess that’s another weakness, huh?

Mailman, where are you?

Dear Mailman,

Okay, I know that I haven’t been stationed at the desk this week besides the receptionist’s lunch hours, but that is just simply not an excuse to avoid coming at your regularly designated time slot in order to deliver mail. Did you quit? Will I never see you again? Maybe I pushed you too hard. Damnit, I just loved too much, wanted too much, it’s like that character from animaniacs who used to squeeze her pets too hard, or Lenny and his pet rabbits that he holds in his monster hands. I went too far.

I digress. I will be at the desk all day tomorrow. ALL DAY. How can you avoid this. Do not send the chipper red-headed man, he is much too easy. You are like the antelope to my alligator, come get a drink.

A round of kumbayah,


P.S. I do not mean to sound violent or wishing ill-will towards you, I simply miss you and your grump grump face.

*UPDATE* After meticulous research (thank you wikipedia) I am correct! It is a rabbit… of mice and men is simply the title:

The Five Questions with EH

Found him on my greyhound bus to New York. He also introduced me to Chuck Klosterman’s “23 Questions I Ask Everybody I Meet In Order to Decide if I Can Really Love Them.” It’s wonderful, but leads me to explain, no, no I am not doing the same thing- this is not my personal

1. Went to the beach made bfast, drove back from the cape, going to
nyc then sleeping til I let in xxx at 3. I guess that’s tmrw.
2. I wish I was just staying at the beach.
3. Med school, yea, hopefully.
4. Um I don’t know. I suppose I can like… I can obsess over little
things sometimes… Where I lose the forest in the trees.
5. Lump sum