The Five Questions with MT

uno. Waking up too early. Riding for the first time in a long while.
Aimless wandering with a friend. Work–encouraging the support of
Broadway via glittery t-shirts and a smile.

dos. Cuddling with someone I love, plus all of the above. And/or traveling.

tres. Entering my last year at Wes with a game plan for some really
awesome thesis or project, after a fulfilling summer of [insert
something cool and thought provoking here]. Being happy and stimulated with what I am doing and where I am going in life.

cuartro. I overanalyze things and make everything really complicated
in my head, when I care. I get bored, and then apathetic if I have
nothing that I consider real to do.

cinco. Lump-sum, please.

The Five Questions with IV

1) Im visiting my family in Miami, so…nothing.
2) Back in New York at work so I could be getting something done
3) Taking tennis lessons from a sexy Australian manin a Lacoste miniskirt. I’ll let you decide who is wearing the miniskirt.
4) My actual greatest weakness, other than being TOO detail oriented, is actually not being detail oriented at all. Also, not following through, and generally not giving a shit.
5) Lump Sum. Just cuz I like the way it sounds.

Mailman, a chance encounter

Dear Mailman,

I was holding my pasta with alfredo sauce and large bag of gummy bears. I was on the phone, conversing with my sibling who is possibly gettingĀ a root canal. You were there. Across on the other path, going in the opposite direction with your trailer of blue boxes in tow. You looked at me. I said hi! You said hello.

You said hello loud enough for me to hear you ten feet away. A big day Mr. Mailman. Things are moving.

Iced coffee and chocolate,


The Five Questions with CF

1. Today I worked, tonight I will read poetry aloud to strangers.
2. I dont like the word ‘wish’ because I think it is used too casually – but what I would have liked to be doing today was waking up late, doing a bit of writing and then making some shelves or some other bit of woodwork.
3. Back in school, quite a bit thinner and with this girl.
4. That I, who am very loud all the time, never talk about what is most important to me – choosing instead to be silent and expect others to speak where I refuse to. It’s maddeningly hypocritical to demand others be free with their feelings but not to express my own for fear of hearing something I dont like.
5. Payment over time for a few reasons – 1. I dont like my life assuming I wont live 20 more years. 2. it’s substantially more money if you take the 20 year option and since 1. why not? and perhaps more importantly, 3. you cant lose what you do not yet have – most people who win the lottery go bankrupt inside of a year, this would be difficult if I had a steady, say, 5 million dollar income.

The Five Questions with AR

1. sitting on my porch being sleepy and energetic all at once due to a confused inner clock.

2. I wish I were still sitting in a caffe on one of the canals in venice.

3. A year from today I hope to be just returning from a summer of traveling in South America (post-graduate postponing of reality).

4. My greatest weakness is fear of failure. It sometimes keeps me from doing things I know I could do, but it also drives me harder to overcome that fear in every aspect of life.

5. I would probably want the money all at once, but my dad, the logical one, would convince me to take the money in a series of lesser payments over time.

The Five Questions with SV

1. working to fill the void left by my recently fired boss. preparing for the new season of the encyclopedia show. writing entries. preparing for the release of my book, website and CD next month. preparing for my group poetry tour next month. still unpacking. need groceries.

2. hiking in the northwest.

3. sitting on top of a pile of money (not my own).

4. i think flattery, in all its forms, is a big weakness – i’m so insecure!

5. i don’t play the lottery.

The Five Questions with KM

1) Today, i am dissecting caterpillars for my master’s thesis. I injected them with tiny glass beads and then froze them after 24 hours. Now i’m removing the beads and measuring their immune response to the foreign body.

2) I wish i was doing anything but this (this is now month 3 of dissections, only 98 left!). Well thats not entirely true, i wish i was doing anything more exciting/fun/relaxing than this. Like water skiing. Or the beach. Or getting really high.

3) In exactly one year, HOPEFULLY i will be getting ready to start a PhD program at some other university somewhere that isn’t the Northeast.

4) Well… there’s a lot of things i would never tell an interviewer. I’m really impulsive (can you say “nipple piercings”?). I hate waking up early. OH I KNOW! I have an absolutely crippling fear of telephones. I’m not kidding. I cannot call anyone i do not know on a telephone. I just freeze.

5) ALWAYS CHOOSE LUMP-SUM! even though technically it is less money in the long run it ends up being more. The way inflation works, you actually receive more money with the lump sum option than the gradual payment option.