The Five Questions with S

1. What are you doing today?
Writing a cover letter/applying for a job.  Going to a fancy lunch for
restaurant week.
> 2. What do you wish you were doing today?
Sitting outside.  Swimming in refreshing water.  Having sex.  Talking
to X and listening to him say that he’s sorry and that he misses me
and that he’s an idiot and explaining to me and to himself all of the
things that lead him to be so stupid.
> 3. Where do you hope to see yourself in a year?
Happy.  Like, really, truly happy.
> 4. What is your greatest weakness? BUT what is you actual greatest weakness, as in, what don’t you tell your interviewer?
I’m a really jealous person.  It makes me go crazy.  Also, I think I’m
a little too emotionally vulnerable.  I get swept up in things and
can’t see the big picture.  Also, when I get lazy I get REALLY lazy
and its hard to lift myself out of that.  I also get debilitatingly
shy in new situations and get afraid to speak or stand out or be good
at anything, which is ridiculous because when I’m comfortable
somewhere I have no shame, but when I’m nervous I shut the hell up and
become tiny.
> 5. If you won the lottery, would you choose for the lump-sum, or the lesser sum over a series of time?
Probably a lesser sum over a series of time.

The Five Questions with K

1. working for R, F & G, attorneys at law! (and by working, i mean slowly depleting the office candy jar supply)
2. learning to knit!
3. not doing my grocery shopping in my parents refrigerator. maybe i’ll be office-fancy somewhere.
4. i constantly obsess over the past, worry about bad karma. even when things in real-time are good and happy.
5. lesser sum over a series of time for sure. i didnt even know that was an option! but it sounds like an automatic money manager.

The Five Questions with T

Today I was taken out to lunch by my father’s best friend. He took us to the “it” spot in Beirut, where everyone knew everyone and we spent most of the mea chatting with all the other diners. He then proceeded to stare blankly at me when  told him my future plans to be an actress. His children were all moving to Dubai to work for investment firms. After lunch I headed over to the theater festival I have been working at at the Lebanese American University. I attended a physical theater workshop led by a swedish woman. She spoke Swedish, which was translated into english, then spanish, then french, then arabic. It was very lucky it was a physical, and not a vocal workshop. Then I performed a short piece to a small audience. Then I saw an amazing and funny play in Arabic and I understood it all!
I mean, it was a pretty great day. Right now I am living my dream: doing theater and meeting interesting people and being taken out to nice restaurants  by my parents friends.
In a year I would like to be moved out of my parents house, and making theater, and supporting myself somehow. Or, I would at least like to have a better idea of what I want, and how I will go about getting it. 
I have trouble being assertive and decisive because I don’t totally believe in myself. I think that is it, at least.
Lump sum. Then I wouldn’t have to worry about how I am gonna pay for grad school!

The Five Questions with C

One. Today I’m taking care of 15 five year olds. Joy
2. Today I wish I was making something in my studio looking over the ocean. I wish I was mixing glaze with my hands, sketching or compiling ideas. I wish I was having my own ti$e instead of working
3. In one year I hope to see myself enjoying new york, being comfortable in a ciy so large. Feeling that things are familiar, and less transitory.
4. My greatest weakness is anxiety, as I feel like it ruins things that might otherwise be fun. I don’t want to fall so I don’t take the chance. I don’t like blood or E. T. I guess I think I worry too much which puts a damper on everythong else
5. I would want the money over a period of time so maybe it wouldn’t get taxes taken out of it?
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The Five Questions with L

1. What are you doing today?
Today I am at work, and then I will go out to dinner with my friend X. Hopefully not too late because I need more sleep. This morning I spent an hour on the phone with our payment services trying to reconcile my horrible record-keeping with mis-matched or lost payments. It’s fixed! Today I am making a mental note to keep better track of my hours.
Later today, during work, I will find time to call a dentist in NY to set up an appointment and also make an appointment with H&R Block to do my taxes (yay!!. . .) Also I’m paying my rent. Hopefully after work I will do some planning/shopping to continue furnishing my apartment. Wow. . .typing that sounds so boring. Let me close by saying that my work and play is kind of the same because I love what I do.
2. What do you wish you were doing today?
I wish that today I was traveling around Morocco. Although, I’m not picky; I could also travel to Eastern Europe, South America or Japan. Or just send me back to Italy.
3. Where do you hope to see yourself in a year?
You know, I’m not totally sure and I LOVE that. The state of not knowing what lies ahead is how I continue to live my life as an adventure. I could conjure up a general picture of where I might be, but it’s vague. I want to have a comfortable job so as to still be able to live where I live and have the freedom to make choices about my life. I want to be content with what I’m doing, and be working for the greater good. I want to have relationships with those I love that are rich and fulfilling. I want to continue to gain respect for myself and make decisions based on that self-respect. I hope that I continue to make my life exciting and fill it with enriching experiences both at and outside of work.
4. What is your greatest weakness? BUT what is you actual greatest weakness, as in, what don’t you tell your interviewer?
I trust people too easily, but i can’t figure out how to not trust everyone while still retaining faith in humanity. I’ve been screwed over enough times that I should have changed this way of looking at people, but I continue to think that people are basically good. If I think about it too much, I get depressed.
5. If you won the lottery, would you choose for the lump-sum, or the lesser sum over a series of time?
Lump sum, and manage it myself over time. I have good self-restraint.