The Five Questions with LT

1. Playing hooky from my job. This includes: the best coffee in my city (seriously you can’t imagine how amazing their foam is: also they can pour it in pretty shapes, like apples, leaves; yesterday the dude did a leaf IN an apple), a park with loads of post-modern sculpture, best pastry in my city, which is a viennoise, falafel, another park with hills and a WATERFALL, aaaaand a glass of wine with peach liqueur in it. fuck.yes.

2. I never thought the answers to 1 & 2 would match up, but–playing hooky and enjoying the city i live in.

3. Where do I see myself or where would I LIKE to see myself…cause there’s a difference. See myself still in the same city (which actually coincides with where i’d like to see myself–sweet); and would like to be making some art or training in making art. Also by then I’ll re-remember how to use a semi-colon.

4. I need my ego stroked. Like all the time.

5. Less over time. It’s like a second job you don’t work for. You get a regular salary just for being awesome.

The Five Questions with XT

The Five Questions get some lovin once again… if you haven’t answered them quite yet, you should.

1.  today i am job hunting. per usual.  i also did some life
organizing, which always seems necessary after weekends of heavy
drinking or being away (which both happened this past weekend).
between scraping together my present and trying to find a future, i
keep pretty busy.

2. i wish i was working today, preferably doing a job that requires
some sort of intellectual stimulation or challenge.  i have been
un/under/misemployed for so long that i cannot even appreciate having
a day off or any of the activities that one might do during a day off.
therefore, i would give just about anything to have woken up early,
sat in traffic  or been jostled on the bus/subway, thought my boss was
an idiot, completed mind numbing tasks, and been cut off/honked at/
sat in traffic on the way home.

3.  in a year i would like to still be living in the city i am living
in now.  hopefully by then i will have secured a job with health
insurance.  if not, i hope i’m not sick in a year.

4. i think, especially in the work place, i tend to make promises or
set deadlines that i am unable to keep.  in the work i do now it is
especially dangerous because i work directly with the customer.  so
when i miss a deadline, they’re like wtf as opposed to my boss or
someone i work with being like wtf.  i think it’s scarier when it’s a
house wife or volleyball coach cursing you out.

5. lesser sum for sure.

The Five Questions with NR

1. i’m sitting in my apartment for day 2.5 of dealing with some pretty wretched food poisoning, avoiding the multitude of homework sitting in front of me on my desk, feeling somewhat relieved because maybe i wouldn’t be doing it anyway and now i really can’t be doing it and somewhat mortified that this pile of paper will grow exponentially in the next week.
2. mostly hanging out with my mom, but i would settle for almost anything in a healthy body
3. with a better idea of what i want and where i want to be and what i should be doing
4. seriously i don’t know, i’m pretty awesome.  usually my answer to this question in a formal setting is that i care too much and focus on perfection rather than the big picture, which is largely true.  i think i just try not to focus on weaknesses.
5. i probably would choose the lesser sum over time, but also i semi want the money now. really my practical side would win and i’d take the payments.

The Five Questions with QL

1. Cleaned my desk and started packing to go back to school.
2. Kayaking down a river in Colorado, then hiking to the top of a mountain.
3. Happily married.  Har har!  No, I hope to have recorded an album
and finished a collection of short stories.
4. My lack of self-confidence and my difficulties with trust.
5. (Did you know it’s actually the other way around?  The lump sum is
less, and paid out it’s quite a bit more.)  Paid out.  Monay!

The Five Questions with YG

1. Today I am off and I will be reading a book, go to the university for some research, and meet friends for a dinner.
2. I wish I was writing my book already.
3. I hope to see myself always in VT and doing great things to help elderly.
4. My greatest weakness is that I love people too much, BUT my actual greatest weakness is that I trust almost everybody because I believe in their capacity to do good. The downside of it is that I am often disappointed, but I continue to trust anyway.
5. If I won a lottery, I would choose a lesser sum over a series of time.

The Five Questions with UL

1. Today I got up, worked out, am currently on break at my acting job, which is directly followed by working at an ice cream store until 11:30. good times.
2. I wish I was in Chicago with you visiting Mxxxx. And drinking some sort of substance before proper drinking hours.
3. I hope to be doing a payed performing program during the summer, and start auditioning for grad schools in the fall.
4. Wow. We could be here all day. Laziness, low self confidence. Depression? that doesn’t count. bad taste in men. I’m a lush and an emotional eater. But really the first two are the big ones.
5. I thought you got more if you received in increments. However, I would always opt for the most money, and if in one lump sum I would promptly take it to a financial advisor/planner/accountant because I am bad with money.