Two Kinds of Friends

When you are a girl. You have two kinds of friends. There are the friends that you go out with, that you drink with, discuss boys, throw drinks at people with, possibly make horrible comments on people’s outfits with and generally, enjoy yourself without caution. We will call them type A friends.

Your other kind of friend is the one that you may not talk to for a week, but once you do, it’s as if you spent everyday with them. Sometimes you basically move into their house. When you call them to hang out, they’re down. These are type B friends.

Type A friends always require money. When you want to spend time with them, you must book in advance. They will need at least thirty minutes to blowdry their hair and put on makeup. They will not go anywhere in sweatpants. This includes to get coffee. However, they also require fun. You will go out, you will dance, you will spill drinks, you will get numbers from people you will never call, and you will, absolutely, be very tired in the morning.

Type B friends require no introductions. Their door is usually unlocked and you will find them in their lair watching tv, with their computer on their lap and probably eating popcorn. They do not understand the point of “getting ready” to see you, because you look just the same. They take a little bit more effort to talk into going out of the house because it requires putting on shoes. You will realize that you have been in their house for four days without leaving and are unsure if your parents know where you are. You will have grand plans together, and rarely succeed in them. But you will make plenty of to-do lists.

Both type A and type B friends compliment each other. They are both worthwhile, loving and important to become a whole person. Sometimes you are lucky, and you find a combination. Someone who is ready to go out anytime but can also get distracted by a bottle of wine on the front porch and some good conversation until 4am. They are type C, and they are my favorite.


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