The Job Hunt

And how it makes me suffer.

For the avid researcher when it comes to finding a job, here are my suggestions for the general, round-about-search:
On indeed, you can do a general search and then refine by fulltime/part-time and location. My favorite is that it pulls from several other sites. However, if there is an option, always go to the company’s website in order to learn what is really necessary to apply.
“Browse Jobs” function is beautiful if you are looking for a certain level of expertise. In my case, entry-level.
We all know it, and it works nicely, very similar to monster.
Obviously a nice website as well. Beware, if the listing gives you an actual email address, check that the company is a real company. Make sure you aren’t emailing a general staffing company. They’ll love to talk to you and probably interview, but unless their website has plenty of job openings listed, they just want you as another notch on their belt.
It’s new and exciting. Join some groups and introduce yourself, or see who you know that knows somebody.

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