The Five Questions with NR

1. i’m sitting in my apartment for day 2.5 of dealing with some pretty wretched food poisoning, avoiding the multitude of homework sitting in front of me on my desk, feeling somewhat relieved because maybe i wouldn’t be doing it anyway and now i really can’t be doing it and somewhat mortified that this pile of paper will grow exponentially in the next week.
2. mostly hanging out with my mom, but i would settle for almost anything in a healthy body
3. with a better idea of what i want and where i want to be and what i should be doing
4. seriously i don’t know, i’m pretty awesome.  usually my answer to this question in a formal setting is that i care too much and focus on perfection rather than the big picture, which is largely true.  i think i just try not to focus on weaknesses.
5. i probably would choose the lesser sum over time, but also i semi want the money now. really my practical side would win and i’d take the payments.

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